The Benefits of Good Scalp Care and the BEAUTEJAPONICA Ethos

The Benefits of Good Scalp Care and the BEAUTEJAPONICA Ethos

A healthy scalp is the beginning to healthy hair. But scalp care is not just for those with hair issues such as dandruff, hair loss, or aloepicia. Certainly it helps prevent thinning hair and improve hair growth, make your hair feel shinier and build volume.

We at BEAUTÉJAPONICA believe that scalp care is a truly important part of an overall wellness and preventative aging regimen.  The scalp is tied not only to your hair, but to your face. Massaging and taking care of your scalp helps lift your facial muscles taught and reduces inflammation and encourages circulation in other areas of your body. Massaging your scalp can be equally important as to massaging the rest of your body.

We believe that taking care of your scalp is so important that it should be part of everyone's wellness routine.

Our BEAUTÉJAPONICA ethos is that scalp care:

...should be part of everyone’s overall wellness regimen.

...should be a priority selfcare wellness ritual.

...should not be embarrassing, dull, or unsexy. beautiful and sensual.

...restores your overall sense of wellness and build confidence and peace within yourself.

Try our TOHI Serum to incorporate nutrition in your scalp and watch our Scalp Massage Video Tutorial to begin your scalp care regimen today.