2024 New Year Self-Care Resolutions

2024 New Year Self-Care Resolutions
As we head into the last week of January, have we committed and started practicing becoming a better version of us in 2024? When it comes to looking and feeling your best, it’s so important that we remember to take care of ourselves first. This is a friendly reminder that it’s not too late  to start now.  Here are some suggestions for better self care in the New Year.
    Hydrate. Hydrate. 
      Drink more water, add hyaluronic acid serums to your self care routine, and don’t forget your scalp. Better hair begins from the scalp, and our TOHI Scalp Serum allows for you to hydrate your scalp - with 13 active ingredients including hyaluronic acid - in a water based formulation that does not weigh down your hair.
        Take deep breathes.
          Stress is the number one cause in reducing your immune system, affecting the signs of aging in both your skin and your overall hair quality. Whenever you notice your stress levels increasing, stop. Take a breathe. And know it will be ok.
            Disconnect at the beginning and end of day.
              Scalp massages and breathing / meditation exercises are so helpful to get yourself centered. Take some time to get in touch with yourself by disconnecting from your laptop, phone, and tv and breathing in and out.  Follow our 4 minute scalp massage tutorial here for guided relaxation and stronger, healthier hair growth.
                Focus on eating healthy.
                  The key to looking young, staying young, having great hair and staying positive is always in what you eat. Stock up on fruits and vegetables, protein and omega-3 (salmon, soy beans, legumes) into your diet to strengthen your hair, nails, and skin.  Add in a hair or vitamin supplement to ensure you are getting all of your vitamins.
                    Reserve personal self care time.
                      Try and carve out at least 1-2 hours per week for self-care whether it be a massage, hair cut, spa time, exercise routine or time in nature. Consistent personal maintenance makes you feel better and reflects on how you present yourself. Booking time in advance when you next visit the hair stylist, spa, or gym- also makes it easy for you to keep these reminders in your calendar.
                          Remember to continue giving yourself self-affirmations throughout the day.
                          Positive framing of any situation will ease your mind and calm your spirits.  At times, what we tell ourselves becomes a reflection of what others see in us. You are a beautiful, kind, human being that deserves the best. Have a great 2024!!