Where do you ship to?

We currently ship to the US and Canada. We are working to provide our offerings in other areas of the world. Please feel free to send us a note in our Contact Us page, letting us know where you would like to see us next. 

Is TOHI Serum for men and women?

Yes. The TOHI Serum is for men and women. 

What kind of hair type is the TOHI Serum for?

All Hair Types.

Can I use the TOHI Serum if I am pregnant or breast feeding? 

You should always consult your doctor to ensure that this or any other product you are using is safe for you during pregnancy or breast feeding.

Is the TOHI Serum vegan and cruelty-free? Does it contain hormones?

Please note that the TOHI Serum is a vegan cruelty-free formulation with plant based ingredients that does not contain synthetic hormones.

Can I use the TOHI Serum if my hair is colored, permed, or has had a keratin treatment? 

Yes, the TOHI Serum is fine for all hair types including colored, permed, or treated hair. The serum is intended to be applied to your scalp by the roots of your hair and not the hair itself, and it should not affect your hair color or keratin treatments. 

Why is the color of the TOHI Serum slightly different from each other?
Our product does not contain any synthetic colors or dyes, so if you notice a difference in the hue of your product, it is the nature of the natural ingredients. Serum colors may differ slightly from each other or from the photos online. This should not be a source of concern. 

Can I use the TOHI Serum on my face or other areas of body? 

The TOHI Serum is formulated to be used for your scalp. Your scalp skin is different from the skin on other areas of your body. Please do not use this product on your face or any other area.

When do you begin to see optimal results? 

After 90-120 days, provided there are no other conditions, you should begin to notice some difference in the overall health of your scalp and hair.  You should continue to use the serum on a consistent basis to see optimal results. 

Does the TOHI Serum work for dandruff? 

One of the benefits of the TOHI Serum is to help balance and tone the scalp. While everyone's hair and scalp conditions are different, continued daily use along with a recommended massage (see How to Use) should help alleviate dandruff conditions compared to if you have not used any scalp related products at all.

Will the TOHI Serum help grow hair if I am losing my hair? 

On average, people lose between 50-100 pieces of hair everyday, so it is natural to have some shedding of hair. It is also natural to shed hair during hormonal, lifestyle, and environmental changes.  The TOHI Serum is intended to be used on a regular basis to reduce hair shedding and help you achieve a healthier scalp to grow stronger hair by nurturing your scalp and hair follicles.

Does the TOHI Serum work for alopecia and other medical conditions? 

The TOHI Serum is not a medically prescribed formula for medical conditions. Only your doctor can advise you in this matter. It is a vegan formulation made with natural ingredients that is intended to help your scalp microbiome by hydrating, toning, and nourishing which in turn helps improve hair quality. 

What else can I do to continue making my hair stronger and reduce hair fall? 

In addition to using the TOHI Serum, you can incorporate a scalp massage on a daily basis. We also recommend keeping your hair and scalp hydrated, eating a balanced and nutritious diet, reducing stress, and staying away from harsh shampoos and other harmful ingredients in hair products.

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