The Benefits of a Scalp Massage for Your Hair

The Benefits of a Scalp Massage for Your Hair

What are the benefits of a scalp massage for your hair?

Your best hair care routine is not limited to shampoo, conditioner, and other products. One of the most important practices for your hair, is a good scalp massage.  

The benefits of a scalp massage for your hair are numerous. A study conducted in Japan confirmed that 4 minutes of scalp massaging per day for 6 months led to stronger hair growth by stretching the hair follicles and enhancing the blood circulation in the scalp environment. A proper scalp massage can reduce buildup, dandruff, and general flaking. Healthy hair starts at the roots, and a scalp massage is the answer.

Not only is it good for your hair, a scalp massage has multiple health benefits reducing stress, and soothening you after a long day especially with exposure to  the computer, iphone and tv monitors. The relaxing feel of a scalp massage helps remedy headaches, tension, and migraines along with the rest of your body. Consistent massages will help reduce tension, chronic migraines, and prevent long term health issues while encouraging your memory and helping lower blood pressure.

For those looking for a way to uplift your mood and become happier, scalp massages invigorate serotonin and dopamine which promote your overall wellness and mental well-being. They create pleasant sensations, reducing any anxiety and depression making you a happier person.

Finally, for those who are looking to stay young, a scalp massage helps reduce grey hair by promoting circulation and provides a natural face lift, as your scalp is tied to your overall face muscles. Just remember to always massage upwards!
The greatest thing about scalp massages, is that they are free. While you can have your scalp massage professionally done in a salon, you can do it at home on your own at any time – or with a partner.

Using our TOHI Scalp Serum with your scalp massage will help your scalp feel soothened, add volume to your hair, and infuse your scalp and hair follicles with the nutrition needed for better hair growth and stronger hair with reduced hair loss. Ingredients include 5 types of seaweed, sake, cherry blossoms, biotin and hyaluronic acid amongst others.

The most important thing about scalp massages is to ensure you have the right technique. Never rub your hair, and always use your palms and finger pads to move your scalp upwards.

If you would like to learn how to do a proper scalp massage, join us on Instagram Live with Beautéjaponica at 2/25 SATURDAY at 4:30pm EST for our first live virtual scalp massage tutorial. Set your reminder here.