Postpartum Hair and the TOHI Scalp Serum

Postpartum Hair and the TOHI Scalp Serum

When you are pregnant, your hormone levels will result in your hair appearing fuller and thicker. This is natural, as part of the pregnancy process slows down your hair growth cycle and hair at its resting stage for much longer than prior to your pregnancy.

But once you have delivered, your hair will seem to shed more, or experience telogen effluvium.  The hair that has been resting during your pregnancy phase is now returning to its normal cycle. This may mean that while a person generally sheds 100 hairs per day, a new mother may begin shedding 3x that hair count postpartum. Studies have shown that this period only lasts for about a year or so past pregnancy for most mothers.

As you start to see your hair come out, you will also see new shorter hairs appear. While this is an extremely natural part of the hair growth process post partum, it may feel concerning seeing hair shed so much. In order to prepare for this new cycle of growth, we suggest that in addition to eating a balanced diet, reducing stress, and taking hair supplements, you use the Beautéjaponica TOHI Scalp Serum. The serum acts as nourishment to hydrate your scalp and encourages stronger and healthier hair to grow. There is nothing better to watch your hair grow in strong and healthy after raising your beautiful baby.*  It also adds volume to the hair that you do have, reducing the appearance in areas where there is shorter hair or hair loss. Massaging in the serum is also a great excuse to take 5 minutes each day for yourself and exercise self-care. Massage not only helps reduce hair loss and increases circulation in your scalp, but it also helps to relax you from all of the stresses related to being a new mom!

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*Please always make sure to consult your doctor prior to using this or any other product while breastfeeding.