How to protect your scalp and prevent hair damage this summer

How to protect your scalp and prevent hair damage this summer

The sun is finally out, and it’s time to enjoy being outside. Many of us know the damages of UV rays on your skin, and if we are taking care of ourselves properly - should always use sunscreen as part of our skin care regimen.

But are you caring for your scalp and hair as well?

The sun has equally damaging effects on your hair and scalp - sun exposure damages the cells that form the external cover of each hair shaft. Your hair can be prone to breakage and both your scalp and hair can suffer from excessive dehydration if you do not take care of it properly. The sun can especially affect lighter colored hair and fine hair with the strong effects acting like bleach (which is why our hair sometimes changes color when outside for a long time.) Color-treated hair can also be more vulnerable due to its already weakened nature.

Coupled with chlorine from swimming pools or salt water from the ocean, keratin in your hair can be stripped and the first sign you may notice after enjoying your time out in the sun is how your hair feels. Chlorine and salt both pull water away from your hair and dehydrates your hair making it drier.

Taking care of your scalp becomes especially important if you realize that it is the closest point of contact with the sun on your body.

But if you take care of your hair properly, you can help reduce the damage and  be on your way to beautiful summer time hair and a refreshed scalp.

Here are some tips for proper scalp care and hair care this summer:

1. Cover your hair and scalp with a hat or scarf.

2. Saturate your hair with leave in conditioner or another hydrating hair care product (hair oil, hair serums) that will help acts as a barrier and reduce the damaging effects of salt and chlorine.

3. Hydrate and protect your scalp both before and after exposure to the sun with a serum like our TOHI Scalp serum

4. Wash your hair and especially cleanse your scalp with a scalp scrub as soon as possible after you’ve been outdoors to remove excess oil and dirt

5. Hydrate yourself with at least 3 liters of water per day when outside

6. Reduce your use of hot tools and allow your hair to dry naturally (Style tip: braiding or putting your hair in a bun can help create waves)

7. Reduce frizz at the root of your hair by adding a scalp serum like our TOHI Scalp Serum

The TOHI Scalp Serum is a hydrating serum that helps your scalp to prevent the drying and damaging effects of the UV rays.

Our formulation’s main 5 Kaiso Complex has seaweed that have strong hydrating properties as well as keratin providing the natural protective benefits that make them so strong as marine plants receiving sun rays in the sea.

Our serum also incorporate natural plant ingredients such as Swertia and Sakura, that have antioxidants that helps fight environmental stresses.

Hyaluronic Acid helps hydrate the scalp while biotin helps strength the hair.

Finally, Aloe Vera from Okinawa helps soothe the scalp upon application reducing inflammation or itchy dry scalp by calming the skin.

You can enjoy the summer without feeling concerned about the effects of sun damage to your hair and scalp as long as you take proper precaution and use the right hair care products.

Protect your hair and enjoy this season!